BASA: The Amazonian With Meteoric Rise To Her Olympian Heights | By Seye Akanmu-Bode


For Honorable Bolanle Aminat Sarumi Aliyu (BASA), politics to her is the utilitarian ideology of Jeremy Bentham who saw it as the provision of the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people.

From an illustrious family with a political father, Alli Balogun Sarumi, who was in the House of Reps under the Alliance for Democracy from 1999- 2003.

The political blood is indeed in BASA’s veins. But her foray into politics isn’t for pecuniary gains. Being schooled in the UK makes it lucid that she’s not a pauper. She’s a philanthropist of great repute attested to by many and which I have seen with her Foundation.

Failing to win the gubernatorial election under a fringe political party in 2019, His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde saw in her, huge potentials and she was made a Special Adviser to the Governor on Oyo State citizens in the diaspora.

She served in this capacity until she resigned to seek further political goals.

Undauntedly, she formed the Atikulated Global Movement, a Support Group to work for the aspirations of the PDP presidential candidate, ATIKU Abubakar. The AGM as the group is known for, is a conglomeration of all PDP candidates and aspirants for the 2023 general election and she has been holding the group together in her capacity as the National Coordinator.

It wasn’t bewildered when the Presidential Campaign Council of the PDP announced her as the head of the Female Youth Mobilisation for the South West.

From obscurity to national limelight and recognition in a space of four years, the wife of Abubakar Aliyu, a high end Property Developer, has already created a niche for herself and she has dared to walk through the labyrinth where even most men never dared to walk. She’s indeed an amazon and I see her working assiduously by galvanising the youth ,especially the females in the Southwest to bring forth victory for Atiku Abubakar in the Presidential election.

“Bolanle Omo Sarumi, ‘Sarumi dikaka dikoko l’oju ogun‘ goes your panegyric and I pray that your valiance leads you to success in the coming electoral battle.

Seye Akanmu-Bode is a political scientist, is the author of the book , ‘The Legend, ATIKU, OYOYO’, and a Fellow of the Emerging Political Leaders Fellowship of The Bridge Leadership Foundation, founded and chaired by His Excellency, Senator Liyel Imoke, former Governor of Cross Rivers State.

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