SIT AT NIGHT: A Computer support and online teaching for Newbies and Amateur


SIT AT NIGHT simply means Start Information Technology. An online meeting for Computer Training and Information Technology programme which holds every Sunday night at 8pm.

Start Information Technology is moderated by Ceped Institute of Information Technology and is hosted by David Kingsley a Solutions Manager who currently works for Ceped Institute and Ezekiel Godbless Nandom who is the founder of EGN Digital Agency.

Ceped Institute offers a comprehensive Information Technology program that can be a great starting point for anyone interested in pursuing a career in this field. The program covers various aspects of IT, including computer basics, networking, programming, database management, graphics Design, web development and many more.

As a student in the program, you will learn essential skills and knowledge necessary for success in the IT industry. The curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation in IT principles and practices, as well as hands-on experiences to develop practical skills. Additionally, industry experts and experienced instructors will guide you throughout the program, ensuring you gain valuable insights and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field.

One of the advantages of studying Information Technology at Ceped Institute is the flexibility offered by the 8pm night classes. This allows you to pursue your education while working during the day or managing other commitments. The institute understands the needs of working professionals and provides convenient class schedules to accommodate their busy lifestyles.

Moreover, Ceped Institute is known for its emphasis on practical learning. You will have access to state-of-the-art computer labs and software, enabling you to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world scenarios. This hands-on approach will help you develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the IT industry.

Furthermore, Ceped Institute has a vast network of industry connections, which provides students with opportunities for internships, job placements, and networking events. This can be invaluable in building professional relationships and gaining exposure to potential employers.

By enrolling in the Information Technology program at Ceped Institute, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a fulfilling career in IT. Whether you aspire to become a software developer, network administrator, web programmer, or database manager, this program will lay the foundation for your success.

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