Twinzlove finally Apologise to their Father (Watch Video)


The popular twin young ladies, Twinzlove, have offered an expression of remorse to their father days after calling him out on TikTok.

The young ladies apologized truly over their activities additionally offered to fans to pardon them for allowing their feelings to control them. Responding to the video, numerous netizens raged the comments segment to commend the young ladies for being sorry.

The duo, Doyin and Moyin popularly known as Twinzlove have shared a video apologising to their Father and their fans at large. In the video shared by their twins, they claimed they couldn’t control their emotions and the result was their reaction.

Some weeks back, Twinzlove shared a video on TikTok Scrutinizing their father for abandoning them when they were kids and returning after they got effective. The video went viral online and started discussion as a few individuals kicked against pardoning, whereas others demanded that the young ladies bury the ax and make peace with their father.

In a way to address the issue which was getting out of hand, the duo decided to apologize to their father and the public and also promised it won’t happen again.

Here is what they had to say:

“A couple of weeks ago there was a video that created controversies online of us saying some things about dad. “The main purpose of this video is to apologize to everybody who felt offended and majorly to dad. I want the public to understand that we wouldn’t normally give out such word to any elder even if they weren’t our parent. “It was very difficult growing up without a father and also extra painful that the first video of him we saw was a video of accusations against the person that has been with us the whole of our lives.

We are sincerely sorry for our actions but this were provoked by our emotions. If we could take back the hand of time we would have rather stayed mute than letting those emotions get the best of us. All I was expecting was an apology for not being present as a father but I guess God works in mysterious ways.


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Credit: LolaFamz TV
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