5 Best Nigeria Pranksters You must watch their videos


At the start of video skits using popular social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok and the likes, Comedy skits have become a thing almost every Nigerian youth wants to do.

After the release of a video APOSTLE WILL HEAR OF THIS by Eman Kellam, Nigerians have engaged in what we call street pranks. In most cases these young pranksters carry out their pranks on unknown victims in the streets.

Today, we bring to you the TOP 5 Pranksters in Nigeria. MC Makopolo is the is the King of Pranks in Africa as of 2021, but there seems to be many young talents who think they a better way of doing this. In this regard, MC Makopolo is a great Prankster who is popularly associated with street pranks in Nigeria.

These pranksters pass through different challenges to carry out these pranks risking their lives pranking random on the streets.



Zfancy is the best prankster in Nigeria. Zion Ubani Chibuike (Zfancy) is very popular for his daring prank videos. Zfancy has been on the internet since 2018 pranking different people.

zfancy is known for his many pranks online. Some of his popular pranks include Poop prank, SARS prank, money prank and so on. Calling SARS With Strangers Phone Prank! | ZfancyTv – YouTube. Below is an example of his videos.

Watch Video:


Alice Marve started posting her prank videos about two years ago and has gained a plus of over 313 and thousand followers while still accounting for over 2.2 million likes on her page. Below is a video of her pranks.



Daniel Machi Gold is the third on our list of the best pranksters in Nigeria. MachiGold who is very fond of his hilarious street pranks is a superb prankster.


IAMTRINITY guy is known for his popular daring but hilarious street pranks. This popular prankster boasts of about 1.2 million followers on facebook. Sometimes this popular prankster does work on his pranks before carrying them out as his pranks seem to be very dangerous and daring and at the same time mind blowing.


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