7 Reasons Why People Like BASA Charity Group.


Basa Charity Group is part of the Basa Foundation, an initiative led by Her Excellency, Bolanle Amina Sarumi Aliyu, hence the name BASA.

Basa Charity group is a social community where a lot of questions are being asked and group members win different prices ranging from Cash prices, Airtime and Many other benefits.

7 Reasons Why you should join the Basa Charity Group.

  1. Basa Charity Group is moderated by H.E Bolanle Amina Sarumi Aliyu herself. A vibrant, energetic and knowledge filled woman who handles the affairs in the group.
  2. You get to meet and compete with other people in various parts of the country.
  3. There are Cash prices to be won by members who answer questions correctly.
  4. Airtime give away for fastest fingers.
  5. There’s a whole lot of fun in the group. Wether you win or lose, it’s never a dull moment.
  6. The questions being asked are questions that will give you knowledge and would in turn make you current in the Nigeria political system.
  7. Lastly, We all get a chance to listen to H.E Bolanle Amina Sarumi Aliyu as she jokes with everyone in the group like a mother would with her children.

Do you really want to Participate? Take a close look at the pictures below. Next Challenge coming up 8:30 on Sunday the 23rd of October 2022.

Do not Scroll Past the Pictures below.

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What is the Basa Foundation?

The Basa Foundation is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious, non-governmental charity association launched by Her Excellency, Bolanle Amina Sarumi Aliyu a member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Basa Foundation was formed to curb the unemployment rate in Oyo State. We can agree that only a few political leaders who have the people’s worries in mind would think of launching such a programme.

According to a press release sent to insideoyo.com, BASA foundation said it aims to up–lift minimum quality of life of the less privileged in the society.

“One method of achieving this is through knowledge transfer in various vocational skill trainings programmes hence the BASA Foundation Empowerment Training Initiative.

We can recall that Bolanle Aliyu emerged as the first female Candidate for the governorship election in Oyo State. She’s a caring mother with the people in heart. Sometimes what people need is a little support to get them to achieve their desires.

Once there’s a website for Basa Foundation Charity programme available, we would update it on this blog.

For now, let’s enjoy the benefits of the programme by Joining the Whatsapp Basa Foundation Charity Group.

Watch Some of Her Videos below:



I have witnessed outstanding women in today’s culture rise to fame in front of our very eyes by making wise use of every opportunity and duty that comes their way.

I have gotten to know H.E., Bolanle Sarumi (BASA) and I can confidently assure people that they will find in her the humility, hard work, humbleness and hospitality traits of high repute woman, which clearly distinguished her as a true character, as a divine mother, an exquisite listener and a friendly figure in the spiritual space.

H.E. Bola Sarumi, I know you have impacted a lot of people’s lives, you have sheltered the homeless, given people hope and strengthened their faith.

May the All-powerful God also continue to show mercy to you and your family. I consider you to be a woman of upon you and your family. I qualify you as a woman of great standing and a testament to our society’s aspirations.

My prayers are that God’s special Grace, long life, good health and guidance spread throughout your home and to your loved ones till eternity. I also pray that you find more success in the future and continue to win.

With Love I write.

Mukaila Muideen (Hon. Gold)
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