25 Killed in a Russian missile attack on a Dnipro apartment building


According to official statistics, the death toll from a Russian missile attack that occurred on Saturday and damaged a high-rise apartment building in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro has increased to 25.

13 children were among the 73 injured persons who had been pulled from the building’s wreckage by Sunday afternoon, according to an announcement made on Telegram by the Ukrainian Civil Defense.

There are still about 40 persons missing. They continue to be sought after. Hours after the hit, cries for aid from trapped individuals could still be heard coming from the rubble.

The most serious of multiple attacks that took place on Saturday was the one on Dnipro. 

There was a temporary air warning in place across the nation.

Over 80 people were injured nationwide, and at least 26 civilians were murdered, according to the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform.

The Kiev authorities sharply denounced the assaults on the civilian populace and once more mentioned “Russian terror.”

Along with Dnipro, other cities affected on Saturday were Kiev, Odessa in the south, Kharkiv in the east, and Lviv in the west. 

Once more, damage was done to civil infrastructure, particularly electrical infrastructure, and power outages were reported.

According to the Ukrainian military, 25 out of 38 Russian missiles were destroyed.

Following the attacks, Ukraine’s residents were ready for worsening energy supply issues.

The state-run electrical grid operator Ukrenerho made a Facebook announcement stating that in order to prevent substantial bottlenecks, the already significantly decreased quantity of electricity per household will need to be throttled even further. 

Shutdowns due to emergencies could not be ruled out.

Oleksii Makeiev, the ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, has urged Berlin to send the country as many Leopard 2 combat tanks as possible so that it can negotiate with its allies the delivery of further armaments.

He stated in an interview with dpa that “German armaments and German tanks are crucial for life.” 

We don’t have much time for discussion. 

And we anticipate that our allies will recognize that and behave properly.

Defense ministers from Ukraine’s Western partners will meet on January 20 to consider more military assistance for the conflict with Russia at the US Ramstein air facility in western Germany.

The announcement that Western-built tanks would be given to the Ukrainian military was made initially by Britain. 

As part of a European alliance, Poland and Finland are willing to provide Leopard 2 tanks built in Germany.

The German government is still undecided on this.

The announcement that Western-built tanks would be given to the Ukrainian military was made initially by Britain.

As part of a European alliance, Poland and Finland are willing to provide Leopard 2 tanks built in Germany.

The German government is still undecided on this.

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