Hon. Bolanle Sarumi announces Hundreds of Thousands of Naira Giveaway for New Year Eve


Hon. Bolanle Sarumi Aliyu (BASA) officially announces Hundreds of Thousands of Naira Give Away for the New Year eve.

The National Chairperson, Atikulated Global Movement and founder of the BASA CHARITY, a non-governmental Charity Foundation Group has officially announced that she will be giving out hundreds of thousands of Naira to responsible Nigerians who have gotten their voters card.

She made this announcement to her Charity group and the reason for this giveaway is to thank Nigerians who know the value and power of the voters card. Not a lot of youth have voters card and without a voters card, we can not elect. In a way to appreciate those with a valid voters card, she has organised this Hundreds of Thousands of Naira Giveaway for the New year Eve.

In her statement, BASA noted that Nigerians are for some reason the problem of Nigeria.

She made a statement that Nigeria is our home and the only way to get credible leaders and the right candidates for rulers of our nation is the voters card.
The voters card is the power to elect our leaders.

Bolanle Sarumi also disclosed how frustrating it is when you are trying to fight for people but they are not helping themselves to win the fight. In a nutshell, Nigerians do not take the voters card issue serious.

According to her, She’s a person of high standard who has a luxury life and should be relaxing, and spending her time and efforts on her family but choose to ensure that Nigerians vote right and bring in the right leaders into power. However, she discovered that the youths and Nigeria at large is not bothered about making the right change. She also disclosed that if Nigerians are not ready for a change of good government, why is she doing all she does?.

According to her statement, The BASA Charity founder said;

” I have an option. Many of the people in Nigeria do not have an option of another place to go to. Nigeria is your home hundred percent. However, when you refuse to get involve, We will continue to have bad leaders who will continue to ruin Nigeria for you and your children to come. If we have good leaders, the Educational system in your state would be beautiful that you would send your kids to public schools. They don’t need to be in private schools.

Many of you are sending your children to private schools and the money you pay per term is even three times your wages monthly which means you are scraping by, hustling, begging here and there to balance out to make life worth living.

How long are we going to do this for?
She also said in her statement;
What annoys her the most is the youth who are sleeping, who are not bothered and interested.

Apart from getting your PVC, she said, the next mission she’s going to be championed for come 2023 is for the youths to get involved in the political system.

She also said that the youths all need to be in the Excos of these parties. That youths who are not in the Excos of these parties will end up having those who do not have senses, who have no knowledge at all, who can’t write, can not differentiate between good and bad chosen to represent them. Why, because they will bribe the Excos and the Excos will collect money because all they know is money.

She stressed out that by the time the knowledgeable youths who are graduates and undergraduate with good sense of reasoning are chairman of wards, good aspirants can turn up for elections to be elected and then we can be able to make a better decision on who is the best person to pick amongst the people and not just the money they’ll give to blind the youths.

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