Why Nigeria Women Can Invest More Successfully


It is nothing short of admirable that women’s financial power has increased in Nigeria’s capital market. As more and more women use their financial clout, they are learning the fundamentals or personal finance.

Remember that MTN Nigeria stated during its initial offer many months ago that 76% of those who were accepted were women, and that 85% of successful candidates were under the age of 40. Women may start out with less money to invest and build wealth over time, but due to factors including wage inequality, career pauses, work flexibility, longer life expectancy, and risk-taking attitudes, they eventually fall short of their financial goals.

This is partly because Nigeria still has a low level of formal financial inclusion: only 3% of adult Nigerians have taken out loans from formal sources, and 45% have formal accounts at either banks or microfinance institutions (EFInA Access to Finance Survey 2020)

The good new is that women are typically more disciplined investors than men are, and if they invested correctly, they could be able to close the gender difference and accomplish their objectives.

We’re all apprehensive of the need of having an exigency fund with enough cash on hand to cover at least three months’ worth of living charges, whether the unanticipated comes in the shape of a job loss, a precious boss form, a medical exigency, or an epidemic over the world. Due to the gender pay difference or because they took time off from their employment to watch for loved bones or for children, women are more constantly at threat of a pension poverty since they’ve lowered plutocrat saved up than men. To ensure a better future, its pivotal that people make their plutocrat work harder for them.

When Should Women Make Investments?

Foremost occasion is to invest your plutocrat is the stylish moment to do it. As a result, starting beforehand in your employment, investment should be a part of your fiscal strategy. This will give you with a sizable window of time to watch your plutocrat grow. Also, it will give you acceptable time to recover from any losses brought on by under-performing means. Having said that, depending on your particular objects, you can choose from a variety of long and short-term investing possibilities.

Retirement Planning

Its veritably hard to save for withdrawal without investing unless one starts off with a huge payment and can set away further than half of their take-home pay. It might be grueling to maintain a decent living on savings alone due to rising medical expenditures, advanced education costs, excessively precious goods, and other charges. To combat affectation, you must have an investment strategy that can increase your plutocrat over time and give significant returns. A sizeable withdrawal fund can help you live comfortably in your golden times while also furnishing for effects like family requirements, unanticipated medical charges, and much further.

An average Nigerian woman has better internal fiber because she naturally wears numerous headdresses of scores, including those of woman, mama, son, family and working woman. As a result, they’re conscious of their job and work to fulfill it anyhow of the tragedy. They retain all the rates necessary to be a successful dealer or investor and are a lifelong optimist.

According to reports from the World Bank, there’s still further to be done because they warrant education and access to advanced-paid employment in the labour sector, numerous Nigerian women turn to entrepreneurship.

Access to the sanctioned banking system is necessary for women in Nigeria to break the cycle of irregular income. Also, Statista data revealed that an estimated 88.4 million Nigerians are living in extreme poverty in 2022. Around 44.7 million men and 43.7 million women in the nation were estimated to be breathing on lower than $1.90 USD per day.

That being said, UNICEF recent studies raising the alarm that 10 million Nigerian girls weren’t in seminaries is far from encouraging, therefore transferring signals to the mainland’s topmost frugality on taking education more seriously.

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